Stand Alone

Karaoke System

With over 150,000 songs to choose from and an icon that allows you to have easy access to your favourites, it is truly created with convenience in mind. To further elevate this experience, a handy touch screen lets you make not only your song selections comfortably but you can slide to see an array of dynamic functions – even adding special effects to your singing session. Fully encased in a stylish aluminium casing, it is here to give you an unmatched ease of use via the intelligent HDMI technology.



Managing a KTV centre has never been easier. Just flip a switch and voila you’ve shut down every room. Thanks to the diskless system. Collecting payment in your preferred mode and setting different prices to the types of rooms offered are also made possible all through a user-friendly POS software. While every transaction is recorded in detail, running promotions are going to be easy-peasy. Plus, its large song library and smart search system will keep customers coming back to you!


Recording System

Burn a DVD or download onto a flash drive a video containing your very own voice. If you are not satisfied with what you previewed – fret not. You can always record it again, and again. After all, this handsomely designed player cased skillfully in aluminium is here to look to that very need of yours.



Croon to your favourite love song surrounded by a beautiful snowy backdrop. Or flash some hip-hop dance moves in the middle of busy New York City. Using “blue screen” feature record and edit your MTV project the way you like it. Burn a DVD or download onto a flash drive, and boasts to friends of your new found fame as a “MTV star”.